Culture and Persistence Group


The aim of this group is to become familiar with and discuss cutting-edge research on the fields of historical development and cultural economics. The group is open to faculty and graduate students interested in these areas of research. We have three meeting formats that we alternate depending on the demand for presenting work in progress on these topics. We meet every two weeks via Zoom.

Format 1: Internal Seminar

This format works as an informal meeting to present work in progress at different stages of development. Invited participants present preliminar work related to the topics of interest. The objective of this format is maximize feedback for the presenter. We have slots of 20 or 30 minutes.
  • We assign a commenter from the group who has access to the paper (slides/extended abstract) beforehand (optional)
  • The presenter has 20 or 30 minutes to present the paper with no interruptions
  • The commenter has 10 minutes to present specific feedback about the project (optional)
  • The rest of the hour is open to discussion and suggestions from the audience

Format 2: Invited Speakers

This format works as an informal external seminar. Invited participants present preliminar work related to the topics of interest under standard seminar rules.
  • The presenter has 40 minutes to present the paper
  • The rest of the hour is open to questions and discussion

Format 3: Reading group

In this format, one of the members of the group is in charge of guiding the discussion and present a pre-selected unpublished paper (predominantly in economics, but we can be multidisciplinary). No slides (when absolutely necessary, 3-5 max). It is required for the participants to read the article beforehand (or at least try to).
  • The presenter has 10 to 20 minutes to present the paper and to answer clarifying questions to the audience
  • Then we open the discussion focusing on criticism and suggestions to improve the paper
  • We go into the specifics, technical details, identification issues, but also more general things such as: how does this work contribute to the literature, how does it compare to other papers, where should it be published?
  • We meet for one hour and try to be civil
The list of the papers that we have covered or plan to cover in the future is available [here]

You can register [here] to be part of the group and [here] to present your research paper/idea.
We distribute all the details and reminders via email and meet via Zoom.

The calendar of the next meeetings can be found here (you can add it to your personal calendar manager using the (+)Google button bellow):