Juan Felipe Riaño R.

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics
Univeristy of British Columbia

Contact information:
Email: jfrianor@gmail.com
Phone: +1 (202) 855-2018
Address: Iona 6000, V6T 1L4
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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You can find my CV, here.


I'm an Applied Microeconomist with research interests spanning the fields of Political Economy, Development Economics and Economic History.

My current research agenda focuses on the determinants of bureaucratic capacity in developing countries, and the long-term impact of historical institutions and conflict on economic development.

I'm a founding member of the Culture and Persistence Group at the VSE and currently a visiting student at the UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

I expect to graduate in 2022 and will be available for interviews at the 2021/2022 ASSA/AEA and 2021/2022 EJME/EEA virtual meetings.

Professor Francesco Trebbi (Committee Chair), Professor Siwan Anderson, Professor Matilde Bombardini, and Professor Patrick Francois.

Working Papers

• "Bureaucratic Nepotism" Job Market Paper, September 2021.
      Abstract | Paper

• "Political Competition and State Capacity"
with Leopoldo Fergusson & Horacio Larreguy
Conditionally Accepted at The Economic Journal.
      Abstract | Paper | Journal

• "Collateral Damage: The Legacy of the Secret War in Laos"
with Felipe Valencia Caicedo
Revision Requested at The Economic Journal.
      Abstract | Paper

• "Media, Secret Ballot and the Process of Democratization in the United States"
with Leopoldo Fergusson & BK Song
Submitted to the Journal of Public Economics.
      Abstract | Paper

• "Social Dissent, Coercive Capacity, and Redistribution: Evidence from Authoritarian Mexico"
with Horacio Larreguy & Mariano Sánchez Talanquer
      Abstract | Paper

Published Work

• "Conflict, Educational Attainment, and Structural Transformation"
with Leopoldo Fergusson & Ana Maria Ibañez,
In Economic Development and Cultural Change 69(1), 335-371. The Univeristy of Chicago Press, 2020.
Abstract | Paper | Journal

• "Consumers as VAT Evaders: Incidence, Social Bias, and Correlates in Colombia"
with Leopoldo Fergusson & Carlos Molina,
In Economía Journal   19(2), 21-67. Brookings Institution Press, 2019.
Abstract | Paper | Journal

• "I Sell My Vote, and So What? Incidence, Social Bias, and Correlates of Clientelism in Colombia"
with Leopoldo Fergusson & Carlos Molina,
In Economía Journal   19(1), 181-218. Brookings Institution Press, 2018.
Abstract | Paper | Journal

Work in Progress

• "The Friedman Hypothesis"
with Marianne Bertrand, Matilde Bombardini, Raymond Fisman, Francesco Trebbi, June 2020

• "Systematic Discrimination and Police Shootings in the US"
with Thorsten Rogall, September 2021

• "Low Entrepreneurial Intent: A Legacy of South Africa’s Mining Monopsony"
with Neil Lloyd, July 2020

Pre-Doctoral Research

• "More than Words and Good Intentions: The Political Agenda-Setting Power Behind Foreign Aid Mechanisms", September 2014 (Master's thesis) cited in the 2021, JEL "Foreign Influence and Domestic Policy"
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I am also an alumnus of the Ronald Coase Institute

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